TBSC is committed to a contemporary student-centred approach to teaching for which staff receive substantial professional development. Our staff have significant England National Curriculum experience and are recruited from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, France and Venezuela.

The quality of teaching is the most important factor in school effectiveness and improvement. TBSC takes this responsibility seriously, recruiting carefully and providing staff with continuous professional development.

The whole school community agreed that the characteristics below were essential for every effective TBSC teacher. These qualities benefit students, improve instruction and help our school prosper, thus play an important role in our recruitment process.

The TBSC Teacher

Quotes from our teachers

"A place where as a person, teacher and manager, there is always something interesting to learn, no matter how long you have been here!"
"Working here is like being inside an amazing bubble where great things happen for students and teachers"
"TBSC is a place where teachers are constantly reviewing their teaching methodology to ensure the students are getting the best out of their lessons!"
"..a place where teachers have a huge say in how the school is run"
"We are one big family trying immensely hard for our students"