Our first Year 13 (IB) students graduate. This includes Carlos Borges, who has studied at TBSC from Early Years. The school is successful in its International Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and is recognised as part of the British Schools Overseas. TBSC is fully accredited by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

First IB Students Graduate

TBSC First IB Students Graduate

TBSC Class Photo 2015

TBSC Class Photo 2015 2015

Appointment of Yasir Patel as the Head of School.


TBSC is granted CIS Accreditation. Our first Year 11 students complete their IGCSE external examinations in June 2013. Our IB Diploma authorisation application is completed as we prepare to off the IB Diploma from September 2013. Appointment of John Plommer as Head of School.


The school completes the CIS Self Study as a part of the CIS Ten Year Review. The CIS school visit took place in November.


Appointment of Neil McBurney as Head of School. For the first time in TBSC´s history, our first Key Stage 4 (Year 10) students undertake the Cambridge IGCSE after receiving authorisation to offer this prestigious curriculum in May 2011.


The 60th anniversary of the school. The primary programme adopts the International Primary Curriculum to complement the National Curriculum of England.


Amphitheatre roof built, Year 8 opens after an absence of six years. Board announce the intention of expanding to pre-university levels.


CIS Five Year Review.


Appointment of Brian Allen as Head of School.

TBSC Shool Photo 2006 2006

The Board reached a decision to remain essentially a Primary School (3+ to 12+) for the foreseeable future.


The British School Caracas awarded accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS).


Appointment of Richard Free as Head of School.


The 50th Anniversary of the school. The 40th anniversary and retirement of long serving teacher and Deputy Head, Janet Fletcher. Mark Gifford was appointed as Head of School.


Quintas Dami and Alicia were purchased to house a Library/Media Centre, administration offices and Key Stage 3.


New buildings containing eight classrooms, a Science Lab, Staff Room and changing rooms were opened next to the cancha (The Fletcher Building) increasing the capacity of the school.


Science, ICT and two further classrooms were added to the the Amphitheatre Building. The first Year Book was published.


Sheila Purdom was appointed as Headmistress.


Roger Anniss was appointed as Headmaster.


A covered area (‘The Hanger’) and playing surface was provided next to the Dutch building in lieu of an extended indoor hall. Alan Darby was appointed as Headmaster.


The first P.T.A. Spring Fayre was held.


Jane Askey was appointed as Headmistress.


The Dutch section closed.


Catherine Judge was appointed Headmistress.


The British Community held a reception at the school to mark the visit of the Prince of Wales to Venezuela. This was a record year for enrolment (301 with a pupil teacher ratio of 30:1).

The British School in 1978 School Photo 1978

A severe earthquake shook Los Palos Grandes and Altamira but the school escaped with only minor damage.


A two story annexe with six classrooms was opened next to the Amphitheatre building to accommodate a Dutch section complete with Dutch teachers and a Dutch language programme. Today this building is still known as The Dutch Building.


An apartment below the original offices at the main entrance was converted to make two classrooms for Preschool. The Britannia House Shield was donated by B.O.A.C. (British Airways).


TBSC was relocated and its main buildings with seven classrooms for 240 pupils (The Mendt, Pre-School and Amphitheatre Buildings today) inaugurated by the British and Canadian Ambassadors of the day.


The British School Caracas was opened at the Old Hacienda Farmhouse in Las Mercedes (now the Vera Cruz Supermarket) on 15th of September with 37 pupils and four teachers. Eileen Hinks (later Eileen Mendt) was appointed Headmistress.