Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and projector. We are continuously investigating new display types in line with the latest educational developments and research.

In the Secondary Section students follow our Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) scheme. We extended this to Milepost 2 and Milepost 3 students, with a Bring Your Own iPad scheme, that began in August 2015. Secondary Teachers each have their own laptop. Students in Secondary may use their mobile phones with teacher permission.

The Primary Section has a computer lab with 20 computers. We also have 50 ipads for use in the Primary School. Teachers have their own laptops and Teaching Assistants have their own desktop. The Primary Section has a Laptop Trolley with 20 laptops.

In 2014/15, TBSC purchased a Macbook for each Primary Teacher and 40 further iPads for use in Early Years, Milepost 1 and Learning Support. The plan is to purchase up to date laptops for Secondary staff in 2017/18.

TBSC aims to be one of the leading school in the Use of Technology in South America within 3 years.