Our Learning Support Unit (LSU) department continues to grow and develop with new members of staff with a wealth of ideas and creativity. It consists of the English as an Additional Language department, Special Educational Needs department and the More Able team.

All English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are carefully assessed so their individual and specific language needs can be met. Students are supported in all four skill areas (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) as well as the IPC. This can be in the form of one-to-one sessions to tackle a specific skill or support within lessons to ensure they are able to access the curriculum.

Our School Counsellor ensures that students, as well as their families, receive the personal and social support they need to help them have a successful and happy time at school.

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

The Special Needs Department (SEND) is developing at a rapid pace. New resources have been brought to the school, such as story sequencers and recorders, to develop speech, language and vocabulary. Resources to support memory and phonological awareness are used regularly along with new assessment tools, to improve our understanding of our students’ individual needs.

Every child has a Pupil Passport. This document informs teachers of individual students’ needs: their targets, strengths, focussed areas of development and preferred teaching approaches and strategies. It therefore supports inclusive practice and quality teaching.

This is an exciting period of development in Education, with the SEND department at the forefront of inclusive practice and metacognitive pedagogy. We strive to develop the department further - developments that will continue to ensure that all students receive the best learning platform that a school can provide.

More Able Team

The More Able team created a policy in 2015/16 and the new department is up and running. Any child identified as more able will be given an individual educational plan.

The More Able team hopes to train staff and allow students to remain within the mainstream class whilst at the same time, being challenged.

School Counsellor

We have an on-site, full-time school counsellor (qualified and experienced psychologist). Our counsellor helps students whenever necessary. Our Heads of Sections, Whole School Pastoral Coordinator and School Nurse work very closely with the counsellor.

The Head of School receives weekly reports with respect to any counselling cases. This is another sign of our commitment to the pastoral needs of our students.

The school counsellor is also available for parents and staff.