Which curriculum do we follow at this Key Stage?

National Curriculum for EnglandWe use the National Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with a twist to make it even more relevant when it is used internationally. You can download a copy of it HERE

How do we assess our students?

At Key Stage 3, students are assessed against attainment targets in each subject, which are based on the National Curriculum. Students are awarded a level in each subject, which, over the course of each term will give an accurate measure of the students' progress and ability through Key Stage 3. We also value the hard work that our students put into their work, as well as their attitude to learning in general. At the end of each term, students are graded in each subject against five criteria;

  • Responsible for own learning
  • Uses class time productively
  • Works co-operatively
  • Completes tasks by the due date and in the appropriate format
  • Actively participates

What are National Curriculum levels?

In all National Curriculum subjects, the criteria for assessing learners’ progress are set out in descriptions of performance at nine levels for each attainment target (levels 1 to 8 and ‘exceptional performance’). Level 2 represents expectations for most 7 year-olds, level 4 represents expectations for most 11 year-olds and levels 5 to 6 represent expectations for most 14 year-olds.

Activities and trips

Throughout Key Stage 3 the curriculum is enhanced with visits to a nearby orphanage, local school, a religious symbol (e.g. mosque) and various other destinations. During Enrichment Week students are provided with various choices to travel outside Venezuela. We have visited France, Canada, Peru, Colombia and many others!