Accreditations and Inspections: What are they and why?

Schools decide to apply for accreditations and inspections with reputable and prestigious educational accreditation bodies for many reasons. The main ones are:

  • The school receives a ‘stamp’ of quality from an external source
  • It is another tool in the school’s quality management and quality review checks
  • It is evidence of high quality education being offered taking into account the multifaceted, and complex aspects of all areas of a school
  • Allows schools to stay in touch and up to date with the latest educational research and developments
  • Allows Heads and School Governance to monitor latest educational trends in order to plan strategically
  • Creates further networking opportunities with other schools, students and professional development organisations
  • The school will be recognised more positively from universities and other schools worldwide
  • Ensures schools do not go stale (accreditations and inspections occur regularly)
  • Ease of transferring to other schools for students
  • Interested and potential parents and students can be assured that they are entering a school which has been externally verified as a school providing excellent education

TBSC is accredited by various educational bodies and these are all listed on the right-hand side.